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Australian Lithgow ShtLE III Rifle

1916 Lithgow ShtLE III Rifle Cal .303 British with a 10-rd magazine. This is a non-matching rifle that looks to have been rebuilt after WWII in 1946 and placed into reserve. I cannot see any import marks on the rifle. Bore fair (dark, but not major pitted).

Regarding the yellow paint on the nosecap and barrel, From page 328 of "The Lee-Enfield Story" by Skennerton:

"Many of the .303 rifles were passed on to School Cadet units after introduction of the 7.62mm L1A1, these Cadet units have more recently been the end-user source of surplus SMLE rifles. Many such rifles have been noted with painted bands around the butts, or the entire muzzle/nosecap portion. Colours have been green, yellow and red; the green indicates approval for ball ammunition firing, the yellow as a 2nd grade but still suitable for live firing, and the red as not to be fired. A white colour is an Air Force Cadet equivalent for the Army's green or yellow. This refers only to Aussie issued .303 Enfields"

Cal .303 British
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