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1999 Beretta Model 92FS Police Special

This is a Beretta Factory Police Package pistol that shipped from the Maryland plant in in a special badged box with three 15-rd magazines. This was one of the few that had factory installed Night Sights and a very subdued 2-tone finish (Black Slide / Gray Frame) which may be refinished after if left Beretta in 1999 as they record this as a Black on Black Police Special pistol. Additionally, the box label does not match the pistol serial number having gotten mixed up years ago at a LE Training Center who had this pistol in their vault for years. I acquired this pistol from the original purchaser in 2005 and when it arrived it only had two of the factory magazines included with the pistol. I have included a brand new Italian manufactured Beretta/MDS (Meccanica Del Sarca) 15-rd magazine to bring the total magazine count to three.

These 92FS pistols are outstanding shooters and are extremely reliable. They are the standard issue pistol for many Law Enforcement Agencies and Military forces around the world and have achieved a legendary reputation for reliability and durability in service.

This pistol has spent most of it's life in the vault as the consignor is more of a collector than a shooter.

REF # P01-44
Frame finish details
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