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8732: Enfield ShtLE III Rifle with Discharger Cup

Not commonly encountered with the discharger cup these days, this is a 1912 Enfield ShtLE III rifle that was converted in India to a grenade Launching rifle.

The Rifle: Standard ShtLE III rifle in .303 British. It is stamped RFI 1929 on the left side of the socket, so I assume that is the date of conversion. Numerous dings, bruises and abraisions in the wood from years of use. The metal is the typical THick Indian Arsenal paint over the original bluing. Knoxform and barrel both marked GF indicating that the rifle has been relegated to Grenade Firing duties only. Bore is dark, but looks servicable. The copper wiring is tight in the rear and loose on the front (allowing it to slide forward and back about 3/4 of an inch). Soldering is intact and nicely done. No import marks visible.

The Launcher: Known as a cup discharger, they were specifically designed for service on the No1 Mk3 SMLE service arms. A WW1 era design for use with the "Mills Bomb" British hand grenade. Steel construction with a chipped paint over worn blued, gas adjustment ports works fine. These are highly collectible by themselves...

Overall the rifle grades as Fair. I cannot recommend firing live ammuntion in this rifle as it has been removed from military service and "downgraded" to the Grenade lauunching role. However, I would have no issue securing some launching blanks and a dummy grenade or two and having some fun at the range with it.

Sold as a collectible vintage Martial arm. FFL and all state, local, and federal laws apply.


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