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Canadian Ross M1905 Mk II* Rifle

This is a Canadian M1905 MkII* rifle that was sold to the United States during WWI to be used as a training rifle. This freed up the small numbers of M1903 Springfield and the ever increasing number of M1917 Enfield rifles to be sent with the US Soldiers heading to Europe. These Ross rifles were again called into US military service during WWII when they were issued to Coastal Patrol units along the eastern seaboard.

This particular one has been cut down to a Carbine length and the stock is seriously cracked (looks repaired). Overall in fair condition and I would recommend an inspection by a qualified gunsmith prior to firing this rifle. I do not think that this is a legitimate military configuration and feel that it's more of a sporter conversion done after the rifle was sold to the surplus market.

Cal .303 British
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