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Chinese Type 53 Carbine

This is the Chinese produced version of the venerable Mosin-Nagant M44 Carbine. China called it the Type 53 Carbine and it has been widely exported.

This specific example was produced in January 1954 at Plant 296. It is in really nice shape for its age and the metal finish is worn to a nice even 10-15% patina. The stock is nicely grained and exhibits only a few scuffs and bruises from military service and the surplus importation process. The bolt is kind of sticky in the receiver, but a good cleaning and lubrication would help immensely. This is an older import that predates the really hammered ones that are coming into the country now. Comes with the original sling as shown in the photos. Import marked on receiver, this is all matching except for the magazine base and is missing the cleaning rod.

Cal 7.62x54R with good (dark) bore.

REF number 8650
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