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Czech vz-24JC Brazilian Rebellion Rifle

Czech manufactured (BRNO Works) VZ-24 (JC) Rifle. Chambered in 7x57mm Mauser with a fair condition bore (dark w/some pitting) that looks shootable.

This is a Rare factory variant with some history.

In the 1930's, CZ offered the vz-24JC in their South American Catalog. Features a "much reduced thickness of barrel, curved bolt handle, and lightened stock". Some speculate these originated as a Chinese Contract that was never delivered due to China defaulting on their contract. Left with a run of rifles to sell, CZ turned to their historically strong South American market.

These are known to collectors as Brazilian Rebel Rifles. CZ ended up selling quite a few of these cz-24JC rifles to the opposition forces during the 1930's Rebellions in Brazil. This particular rifle was either captured or intercepted by the Brazilian Government and received the PM08166 Stamping on the right side of the receiver. This is an inventory mark with PM = Policia Miltar and the inventory number.

This rifle remains in original condition and is a gem for a CZ Rifle collector as very few of them have surfaced for sale in the recent years.

Stock Number 8599


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