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Czech vz.52 Rifle

In the early 1950's the Russians and the Warsaw Pact countries adopted the SKS 7.62x39mm carbine. However, Czechoslovakia elected to field the vz.52 rifle in 7.62x45mm claiming that the 7.62x45mm has superior ballistics that the Soviet M43 cartridge.

This example is a surplus military issue rifle that shows signs of it's use. The handguard is loose and the wood stock is uncracked, but has plenty of character. The original parkerized finish is thin and has a patina from age. Surprisingly, the bore is in good shape and is not pitted. Mechanically, the action and trigger group function as they should by hand. We recommend that an experienced armorer give this rifle a once over prior to any use with live ammunition.

Cal 7.62x45mm

REF Number 8602
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