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Czech vz.52/57 Rifle

In the early 1950's the Russians and the Warsaw Pact countries adopted the SKS 7.62x39mm carbine. However, Czechoslovakia elected to field the vz.52 rifle in 7.62x45mm claiming that the 7.62x45mm has superior ballistics that the Soviet M43 cartridge.

After considerable pressure from the Soviet Union to standardize on the 7.62x39mm M43 Cartridge, existing vz.52 rifles were re-chambered in the Soviet Cartridge. New production rifles were re-designated vz.52/57 and is identical except for the barrel and magazine. The chamber and barrel are chrome plated and it is usually found in better condition that the earlier vz.52 It is considerably less common and highly sought by collectors.

This example is a museum grade rifle in excellent condition. It is complete in all respects including the sling, cleaning kit under the buttplate.

REF number 03-280
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