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1915 Erfurt Kar 98 Carbine

These Kar 98 Carbines are fairly hard to turn up. This began as a Kar 98 manufactured by Erfurt in 1915. Somewhere along the line, this one made its way to China where it received the nice Cartouches on both sides of the stock and generally deteriorated in condition as was the fate of many fine rifles that ended up in the Chinese Nationalist Army in their war against Japan.

This rifle is non-matching and is complete in NRA poor condition. The bore is not a sewer pipe, but it shows pitting and significant wear. The stock loosk to have a repaired crack on the rifle side but the action and is cracked on top ahead of the buttplate.

It's value comes from the rarity of the Kar 98 as well as the historical significance of a Combat used rifle in the Sini-Japanese war that was being fought just before WWII kicked off.

Cal 7.92x57mm

REF Number 8638
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