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French MAS 49/56 Service Rifle

This is the standard service rifle used by all branches of the French Military during the late 1950's through 1979 when it was replaced by the 5.56mm FAMAS Rifle. The MAS 49 series of rifles were issued from 1951-1979 and was fielded by French military forces during the First Indochina War, Algerian War, Suez Crisis, Vietnam War, Shaba II Conflict, and by Syria in their Civil War.

In addition to France, the MAS 49 Series of rifles were also used by Algeria, Monaco, Vietnam, and Syria

There were 275,240 of these modernized Mle 49/56 rifles produced and they earned a reputation of being accurate, reliable, and easy to maintain in adverse conditions. They are chambered in the 7.5x54mm French Cartridge and commercially produced ammunition is available today from PPU in Croatia and imported by several US Distributors. The 7.5x55 is also very easy to reload for using trimmed and fire formed 6.5x55 Brass.

This particular rifle is in excellent condition, looking like it went through a French Arsenal overhaul and then being stored immediately afterwards. Metal finish is excellent and there are only a couple of minor handling marks on the wood. Bore is excellent as well with crisp rifling. Discretely import marked on the left side of the receiver on the center of the scope rail.

These are somewhat heavy at 9 lbs, but they are immensely strong actions milled from high quality ordnance steel. It is a direct gas impingement operated semi-automatic rifle feeding from a detachable 10-rd magazine.

REF Number 8585
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