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French MAS Mle 1944

This is a very hard to find MAS Mle 1944 service rifle chambered in 7.5x54mm French. It is in VG+ condition with an excellent bore. Only flaw with this rifle is a common one. The original charging handle knob was a phenolic part that was far too brittle and they were routinely replaced with the Larger plastic knobs found on the MAS 49/56 rifles. This one is has no knob on the charging handle stud and it is fully functional as-is, but would be more comfortable with the 49/56 knob installed.

This one still is in the original black paint finish and bears no refurbishment marks. Looks to be all matching with the exception of the trigger guard (if the two digit number there is a s/n derivative).

Comes with correct early leather sling and an Arsenal MAS Arsenal service issue 10-rd magazine.

Cal 7.5x54mm

REF Number 8625
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