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German G24(t) Infantry Rifle

This is a German Infantry Rifle (Gewher 24) that was manufactured in Czechoslovakia in 1941. The G24(t) was produced for two years only and total production numbered roughly 250,000 rifles before the plant was converted to produce the standard model 98k infantry rifle.

This particular rifle is non matching and is in fair condition. The metal parts that were originally blued are heavily finish worn and have a nice aged patina. The German proofmarks are intact and unpinged on the receiver. The large Heer proof is quite clear on the receiver by the serial number.

The stock is also Heer marked, but it is very faint. There is a repaired crack at the sling slot. Additionally, the stock is a laminated stock which is likely from 1942 production and it is not original to to this rifle.

Production of the Gewher 24 rifles ceased in mid 1942 when the factory converted to 98k production. With the total production of only two years and 250,000 rifles, examples that remain in excellent and all matching condition are extremely difficult to find and command a significant premium.

This example can be purchased at a lower non-premium price because of its condition, allowing the buyer to add a rifle to their collection that is typically missing from all but the most advanced collections.

Cal 7.92x57mm with fair bore (Frosted).

REF number 8651
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