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German M1871 Jaeger Rifle

Very rare and hard to find M1871B Jaeger Rifle. The M.71 jaeger rifle is similar to M.71 infantry rifle, yet it is slightly shorter and has a different style trigger guard with a finger spur that is found only on the jaeger rifles. The rear sling swivel is located behind the trigger guard.

This rifle has matching serial numbers, except for the bolt (the matching serial numbers are stamped on the receiver, barrel, buttplate, nosecap, barrel band, trigger guard plate, front sight and rear sight). The bolt displays mismatched serial numbers. The screw heads display matching serial numbers (except for the bolt screw). All the serial numbers appear to be original. Numerous German proofs are present on metal and stock.

The rifle has been refinished and there is pitting under the finish at the rear sight and a couple other places. The rifle was obviously heavily buffed prior to refinish that dulled or partially obliterated some original markings. The stock has what looks like some paint spatters on the left side that would likely be removed by careful cleaning, but I leave that to the next owner.

Overall this is an extremely rare rifle that is typically missing in all but the most advanced collections.

Cal 11mm x 60R (.43 Spanish)

REF Number 8580
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