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German Model 98 Rifle (bnz. 41 Steyr)

This is a partially matching bnz. 41 Model 98 rifle manufactured by Steyr Waffenfabrik. Caliber 7.92x57mm with excellent bore. Rifle is import marked on the left side of the barrel above and ahead of the bayonet lug.

Visible Serial Numbers:

Receiver 1478 d
Barrel: 1478 d
Rear sight base: 1478
Rear sight leaf: 1478
Rear sight slide: 78
Bolt Release Lever: 78
Rear Band: Obliterated, ends in 7
Front Band: 1478
Bayonet Stud: 78
Buttplate: 1478, Manufacturer code brg 41
Trigger housing: 4830
Magazine base plate: 1337
Large Action Screws: 78
Small Action Screws: Unmarked
Bolt: Mismatched, Body 9228, Safety 1052
Follower: 37
Cleaning Rod: 36

Rifle has not been disassembled to examine the serials on the internal components.

REF number 8700

Full Album hosted off site; Right Click and open as hew tab: Album 8700
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