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8737: Czech Model 98k Rifle, Iraqi Property

Czech Model 98k rifle in 7.92x57mm (8mm Mauser)

"tgf" Marking was by ZB Brno on Kar98k New Made for Export to DDR (East Germany)

Since this was at the very beginning of the use of Three Letter codes by Czech Military Makers (Both Firearms and ammunition) ( formalized in 1952), the Letters "tgf" stand for the German Language "Tschekoslovakische Gewehr Fabrik" ( Czechoslovak Rifle Factory). The Caesar-letter-shift scheme of the codes was developed from the original "Tgf" marking... aym, bxn, czo, rid, she, tgf,..etc. The Other codes have no relationship to the Factories using them, being arbitrarily assigned.

DDR subsequently passed on a lot of these Kar98k to Iraq in the 60s and 70s. (Hence the "Jeem" Mark --Iraqi Gov't Property on this example).

This rifle is in good condition with a good bore. It is non-matching and it is import marked. These rifles are somewhat uncommon and typically are found in advanced collections. One flaw worth noting, the laminate stock has a couple of separations or cracks that I have shown in the photos. One behind the tang and one between the bands. Feels solid and flex the crack/separation any wider that it is.

Stock Number 8737
Cal 7.92x57mm
Photo Album hosted off site, Right click and open as new tab: ALBUM 8737
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