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Springfield Armory M1 Garand Rifle.

This is a 1942 Springfield Armory M1 Rifle. It is not an original rifle as the operating rod has a relief cut and it has a late Poppet type Gas plug. It also has a Benicia Arsenal rebuild mark on the stock. I would consider it a restoration rifle as the lockbars should have been discarded during rebuild. We have fired this rifle and is functions 100% with all the Lake City and HXP M2 ball ammunition that we fired.

The details are as follows:
Receiver: D 28291-14 SA serial number 452437
Barrel: S-A-1-42 with bright chamber. (MW4 / TE4)
Rear Sight: Lockbars, Type 3 SA
Front SIght: Early .678 no cover
Trigger Housing: D28290-5-SA
Trigger Guard: Milled C46025-1-SA
Hammer: C46008-2SA
Safety: C46015-9SA
Parked spring housing w/wings
Bolt: D28287-2SA / RE4C
Gas Cylinder: SA Narrow Base
Gas Cylinder Lock: Low
Gas Cylinder Plug: Late Poppet Type P w/Crescent
Operating Rod: D35382 3 SA w/relief cut
Stock: WWII Walnut, Serifed P firing proof, Faint boxed JPL (VERY FAINT)
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