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Norincio NDM-86 Sniper Rifle

This is a super rare Chinese Military Type 79 Snipers rifle manufactured by Norinco. This example has a scrubbed Triangle 26 Factory marking on the receiver indicating that it was originally a rifle produced for the Chinese Military before being scrubbed and remarked as the NDM-86 and sold to the US importers.

These NDM-86 Snipers Rifles were imported by three companies into the United States. This one was imported through KFS in Atlanta, GA. The exact number imported is not known, but it is generally accepted that there were no more than 300 to 400 allocated by Norinco to each of the importers before the Ban on Chinese Imported firearms occurred and the NDM-86 became an instant rare and collectible rifle with a limited supply and no additional ones ever to be imported again.

This is an All-Matching rifle with the serial number matching on the Receiver, trigger group, safety lever, bolt, bolt carrier, gas block, and dust cover. The scope and can matches itself, but does not match the scope issue number stamped on the left side of the pistol grip. Additionally, this rifle has an original Chinese NDM-86 / Type 79 magazine which are impossible to find today. Soviet SVD Magazines will fit and function in this rifle.

This is a consignment rifle and it has been fired and properly cleaned and maintained. The consignor reports that this is an excellent shooter using Soviet LPS Ball ammunition.

Chambered in 7.62x54RRifle has been sold
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