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Norwegian Model 98k Rifle, Kal 7.62

This is a 1940 Code 243 Model 98k rifle. Originally manufactured in Berlin by Mauser Werke, Borsigwalde in Cal 7.92x57mm.

Somewhere along the line, it was sent to Norway with the German Army where it was either captured or Surrendered to the Norwegian Military. Taken in hand post war, the stocks of captured Model 98k rifles was so large it was economical for the Norwegian military to rebarrel them in 7.62x63mm (30.06) which was their newly adopted national military caliber.

This particular one was issued to the Norwegian Army and was re-serialed with the HAER prefix. Gently used by the Norwegians, it was imported into the USA and retains it's original markings on the stock and metal components. It is a rebuilt rifle and is therefore non-matching which is as expected.

REF number 8577
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