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Polish wz.29 Rifle

1938 production Radom wz.29 Rifle

This was the short rifle intended for the Polish Cavalry who in the early days of WWII mounted heroic but futile horse mounted attacks against the invading German army. This one is non matching in VG condition. It's import marked on the underside of the barrel under the cleaning rod. Bore is dark, but not pitted and looks to be serviceable.

Stock is numbered, but cannot tell if numbered to rifle or not due to worn stamping. No cracks noted in the stock or handguard, but there are some scrapes and marks from service as well as the typical Polish arsenal repair points in the handguard and stock.

I've looked over the rifle and there are no German Waffenampt acceptance marks indicating use in the German Army after the fall of Poland, however the bolt is a German Waffenampt marked replacement.

Cal 8mm Mauser (7.92x57mm)
Stock Number 8784
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