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Polish wz.88 Tantal Rifle

Intararms Tantal (Polish wz.88) rifle built on the excellent NDS receiver. Rifle was built from an all matching 1992 Radom Arsenal parts kit and utilizes an original Polish military arsenal chrome lined bore. This rifle stands head and shoulders above almost any other Tantal that I have seen from any other manufacturer and the attention to detail and workmanship truly show. Even the Light Grey Phosphate finish of the original rifles has been faithfully reproduced. Unlike many of the Tantal builds out there, the original Selector Lever on the left side remains free to turn independent from the safety lever. This is a minor point, but a nice touch that keeps the selector lever from ending up in an uncomfortable position if pinned in wrong location. The Full-Auto Parts are replaced my the excellent Tapco Fire Control group.

This rifle has been fired and properly cleaned & maintained. It is my personal firearm and I have found this rifle to be reliable, accurate, and very pleasant to shoot. It feeds and functions from any AK-74 5.45x39mm pattern magazine that I've tried (Bulgarian, East German, Polish, Romanian, and Russian). Overall a fantastic AKM Variant and a nice addition to my colletion.

Accessories include one original Polish military 30-rd magazine (W/US Follower) and an excellent Russian Sling

REF Number P02-39

Cal 5.45x39mm

Video Photo Album containing additional photos:
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