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Siamese Type 45 Rifle

Produced in Japan under contract in 1903, the Siamese Mauser is a distinct variant in the Mauser turnbolt series of rifles. Never truly tested in wartime conditions due to the somewhat peaceful occupation status of Siam during WWII. However, Siam dispersed their arms and munitions into the hills and jungles prior to the occupation and Japan destroyed what was left ensuring that these rifles remain elusive and highly sought by collectors.

This particular one is a bit of a mystery. It's been altered to the later configuration with the lowered rear sight for the new 8x52R Siamese Cartridge, but lacks the Siamese crest on the receiver and the Siamese marked rear sight graduations and serial numbers. In place is standard numerals stamped on the receiver and a conventional looking rear sight graduations.

Not sure if this was some kind of an export model or something that was done stateside.

Regardless, it's a very nice rifle and complete which is fairly hard to find today.

Cal 8x52R Siamese with VG bore

REF Number 8558
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