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Sig 551A1 Enhanced Rifle

One of the nicest piston driven 5.56x45mm Semi-Auto rifles I've seen in some time. Sig took their time on this one and the 551A1 is the rifle that the American market wanted all along.

This rifle is almost like a product improved AK-47 Type rifle with the rotating bolt and long stroke gas piston.

The 55A1 uses the original Stgw-90 rock in magazines and has a melonite coated barrel. The finish is a grey cerakote that is very close to the original Sig 550 factory finish in color and appearance. These fine rifles are no longer in production by Sig Sauer and are rapidly becoming collector items.

This rifle also has been upgraded with the excellent MFI 550 Type Diopter sights w/fiber optic inserts, Manticore Arms POST, and an original Swiss Stgw-90 sling. The MFI Sights sit lower than the Sig USA sights at the level established by the Stge-90 / Sig 550 series of service rifles and are extremely fast to acquire.

Used in VG+ condition with minimal marks from use. Brass rash at ejection port and some dings on the front sight housing are visible. Internals are clean and smooth operating. No corrosion or pitting. Overall in really nice shape.

It is about as close to the Swiss Stgw-90 that is in currnet Swiss issue today that you can get in the USA without paying $10K for one of the few Semi-Auto versions that are floating around.

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