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Saginaw Steering & Gear M1 Carbine

This is a fairly nice example of an early production Saginaw Steering & Gear M1 Carbine produced during WWII. It's been overhauled due to the adjustable rear sight, but its a fantastic example of a somewhat harder to find manufacturer. I am not sure if the High-Wood, I-Cut Rock-Ola stock is original to the carbine or not. Saginaw supposedly used some Rock-Ola I-Cut stocks in very early rifles, but this one lacks the RSG and acceptance cartouches that you would expect to see.

3.5M serial
Saginaw Barrel, Excellent bore, some freckling on the finish
SG Flat bolt
PI Slide
Inland Trigger housing with push safety and serrated mag release
Sear: RI
Mag Release I-M
Hammer IN
Rear Sight, Hart stamped adjustable with a large aperture
Stock: I-Cut RMC Hi-Wood
Recoil Shield: Rock-Ola
Handguard: Pedersen U marked (Very Rare)
Band: Missing swivel and not sure if legit or not. Its been cut and welded on the right side and has a non-standard looking screw in it.


Cal .30 Carbine with excellent bore

Ref 03-277
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