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Springfield Armory M1 Garand, Lend-Lease Rifle

Just in on consignment from a close friend and fellow collector.

This is SA 325934 that he found on the open market several years ago. At a Cabelas of all places if I recall correctly.

It is a superb example of the 38,001 M1 Rifles that were supplied to England under the Lend-Lease Program in the early days of WWII.

This rifle is in the only one that I've ever seen that has been serviced by the Brits while in their possession, picking up an Enfield Lock inspectors stamp on the upper face of the pistol grip and what I've been told is a British Unit Marking on the base of the Pistol Grip. The rifle was found with an unsealed front sight screw gas cylinder which may have been the result of the Brits service at RSAF-Enfield.

My friend acquired a period correct gas cylinder with intact seal for display purposes. Both are shown in the accompanying photos and both are included in the sale. This rifle has been a safe queen and has not been fired since acquired.

The M1923 sling is no longer on the rifle and no sling is included in the sale.


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