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Springfield Armory M1898 Carbine?

Springfield Armory Model 1898 Rifle / Carbine Replica ?

This comes from an Estate that I am selling for an while it has the look and feel of an original assembly firearm with the patina on the metal, there are simply too many questions and unknowns about it to sell it as an original 1898 Carbine. Krag 1898 Carbines are extremely rare and because of this they are often faked, replicated, and restored. This is serial number 128414.

I've asked numerous collectors for their opinion on this one and the general consensus is that while it is NOT AN ORIGINAL 1898 Carbine, it's a very well done replica utilizing 1899 Carbine sights and stock.

This being said, it is a very comfortable shouldering short rifle that handles quite well and will likely be a joy to shoot. We will be listing it to Gunbroker with a soft reserve shortly, but have priced it here should anyone want to snap it up before it goes to auction.

Cal 30-40 Krag with good bore.

REF Number 8544
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