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US Model 1917 Enfield

This is the US Rifle Model 1917 that was adopted by the US Military in anticipation of our entry into WWI. It's basically a British Pattern 1914 rifle that was being produced in the United States under British Contract that was re-chambered in the US Standard 30.06 Cartridge.

At the time the M1903 Springfield was our official rifle, but production difficulties led to the adoption of the M1917 and more of the US Expeditionary Forces headed to Europe to fight in WWI were issued the M1917 than any other rifle.

This particular one was imported by Century International and was re-serialed on the left side of the receiver because the original markings were obliterated somehow and only faintly are partially visible. The import bond inspection tag still is present on the trigger guard.

This would be a perfect one to use for a sporterized hunting rifle as the collectible nature of the rifle was seriously compromised with the re-serialed receiver.

Cal 30.06 with good bore.

REF #8643
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