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US General Staff Officer Insignia


Condition:  Pre-Owned, VG+


Stock Number: Z232

(ONE available)



M1 Garand Nickel Clip


Standard 8-rd clip plated in electroless nickel


Condition:  New


Stock Number:  M1G-NC-8


$4.95 ea

Item Title


Item Description


Condition:  Used


Stock Number: 


$5.95 ea

USGI 7.62mm Cleaning Patches


Vietnam Era, Sleeve of 1000 patches


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number: Z212

(ONE available)



National Defense Service Medal


Includes the full size medal award and the corresponding ribbon


Stock Number:  Z-247



Item Title


Item Description:


Condition:  Used


Stock Number: 


$5.95 ea





Condition:  New


Stock Number: 


$5.95 ea

.303 British Stripper Clips, Iraqi Issue


Standard .303 British stripper clips from a case of Iraqi issue Mk.7 Ball ammunition. 


Condition:  Used


Stock Number:  SC-303-Iraqi


$2.75 each

Lot 2159:  Chinese Type L Ball, 1955 Production


Chinese military 7.62x54R Type L Ball ammunition, 130 rds.

Long unavailable in the USA, we have one small lot of this highly collectible ammo.


Brass Cased, berdan primed, corrosive.


Condition:  New


Stock Number: 2159





7.62x54mm / Brass / Berdan


Headstamp:  POF 80 L2A2


Condition:  Spent


Lot: 2392



USGI M16 Cleaning Kit Case


Original USGI M16 cleaning rod case, new unissued condition


Condition:  Unissued


Stock Number:  B102


$4.95 ea

 Bayonet & Scabbard


Item Description:




Condition:  Used


Stock Number: R845



Ruger M77/22 All-Weather Rifle


Nice older M77/22 All weather rifle with the zytel skeleton stock.  Stainless steel.  Extremely hard to find and very collectible. 


Comes with original box, three factory 10-rd magazines, factory stainless scope rings. 


FFL Required, Shipping $45


Condition:  Used


Stock Number:  P3-39



Turkish M1935 Bayonet & Scabbard


Item Description:


The M1935 is the final Turkish bayonet type designed for use with their Mauser pattern rifles.  There were new manufacture bayonets produced.   However, the M1935 designation is also applied more broadly to a bewildering variety of similarly dimensioned bayonets cobbled together using recycled parts from older bayonets held in storage. 


Most all are marked AS.FA which is an abbreviation for Askari Fabrika (Military Factory).


This example is one of thee recycled builds and is in good servicable condition.  It is a conversion from an Imperial German M1898/05 that was a WWI left-over.


It is in fair condition.  Metal finish shows wear, pitting, and age patina.  Has preservative grease on the blade that has hardened with age that can be removed with some effort.  The original long sword blade has been ground and re-reprofiledto the M1935 standard.  Grip scales are tight, but are handworn with some damage as shown in the photos.  Press stud moves freely and spring tension is good.  Steel scabbard is kind of banged up like most of these Tyrkish M1935's seem to be. 


Condition:  Used


Stock Number: R819



Swedish M1896 Mauser Bayonet & Scabbard


Item Description:


Original bayonet for the Swedish M1896 and M1938 mauser rifles.  Also fits the AG-42B Ljungman Rifle


Condition:  Used


Stock Number:  R123



Scott #


US 4 cent -


Condition:  Used - Machine Cancelled


Stock Number: S



USGI M256 Carton


Very hard to find in the collector market.


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  z100 (one available)



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