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.303 British Ammunition Page

.303 British Stripper Clips available on the Stripper Clips Page.

.303 British Military Surplus, Naval Tracer, G III

50 Rounds of .303 British Tracer ammunition manufactured in 1942 by Imperial Chemical Industries (Kynoch) in Standish, England. This is "Cartridge .303 Tracer, G III" that was developed for Naval use and produces a brilliant trace to 800 yards. Headstamped K2 1942 G III with a red primer annulus.

This ammunition is over 70 years old, so expect some staining and possible neck cracks. All rounds should be individually examined should you decide to fire them. As with all tracer ammunition, there is a potential fire hazard downrange, so caution is recommended. This is factory loaded military ammunition from 1942.

SKU Number AM-303-British-G III Tracer

FILE PHOTO showing a random sampling of the ammunition on hand.

ONE 50 rd lot is currently available.





Greek miliary .303 British Service Ammunition, Mk7.Ball.  HXP headstamped.  Boxer primed brass case, non corrosive.  FILE Photo, headstamp years may vary. 

$49.95 / 50rd


p/n: AM-303-HXP

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