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7.62x54R Page

7.62x54R Russian Surplus, 1947 Plant 188

Russian Military Type L light ball ammunition. 1947 production at plant 188 (Klimov / Novosibirsk). This is clean surplus ammo that has been stored since the Cold War.  100 rounds bulk packed.



Russian 7.62x54R LPS Ball, 1986, Plant 60
20 rounds of Russian 7.62x54Rmm ammunition produced in 1986 at Lugansk/Frunze (Plant 60). This late cold war production ammunition extremely uncommon today and is highly regarded for it's dependability and consistency in both performance and accuracy. Copper washed cases are less likely to cause extraction difficulty than lacquer coated cases. This is one of the preferred rounds for snipers and designated marksmen in Russian Service. 147g Boat Tail FMJ with a steel core.



Bulgarian 7.62x54R Light Ball, Military Ammunition, 100 rds Bulk, Corrosive, Berdan Primed / Brass case, head-stamp years may vary. VERY limited quantity available.


AM -7.62x54R-Bulgarian

Chinese 7.62x54R Ammunition, Plant 71, 1955 Production

Chinese 7.62x54R, 1955 Production Plant 71 Type L Ball ammo. This is Brass cased, Berdan Primed, and corrosive. 147 grain lead core projectile. It is magnetic as all Chinese ammunition used a Steel jacket.

Long unavailable in the United States, we have a very small amount available of this highly collectible ammunition. When this lot is gone, we do not expect to see any of this early Chinese ammo again.

Inspection tags shown for reference purposes, but will not be included with ammunition.

Bulk packed, 50 Rounds



Polish 7.62x54R Light Ball

1953 Polish Light Ball. Steel cased military ammunition. 50-rounds bulk packed. Very consistent ammunition. Berdan Primed cases, Corrosive Primers.



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