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AR-15 Accessories

AR-15 / M16 Muzzle Covers. 


New muzzle covers for the AR-15 / M16 series of rifles and carbines. Also fits any rifle that uses the M16 dimension flash hiders (Shown on a Sig P556 above). Keep debris out of the bore and flash hider cavity by sliding over the entire length of A1 and A2 flash hider slots. Perfect for hunters and those that carry their carbines outdoors for extended periods of time. Designed to be either removed before use or shot through in cases of emergency.

$.99 each


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AR15 / M16 Buttstock Cleaning Kit

AR-15 Buttstock Cleaning kit. Condition is new. $17.95 ea


AR15 / M4 / M16 Slings

AR-15 Sling with hardware. This is the "Silent Sling" that is currently issued, New.

$9.95 ea


M16A1 Early type sling with hardware, New. These were replaced immediately after issue because the metal hardware was too noisy in Vietnam. If you like the early SP1 look and are not heading into combat, this is the sling for you.  Reproduction.

$17.95 ea


M16 Stripper Clip Loading Spoons
AR-15/M16 Stripper clip loading spoons. This part fits on the magazine and accepts the 10-rd stripper clips to quickly load the magazines. Works on 20rd and 30rd USGI Magazines.

$5.00 each

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