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German M1884 / 98 III  (98k) Bayonet  (R739)

German M1884/98 III Bayonet & Scabbard


Original military part.  Standard issue bayonet for German Army during WWII.  Mfg by Mundlos AG Nahmaschinenfabrik in Magdeburg in 1935. 



Ricasso, Left:  S/244.G  (Makers & date code)

Ricasso, Right:  9168 b  (Serial Number)

Spine:  None

Pommel, Left:  2 x Waffenamps (unreadable)

Pommel, Rear:  25328  (rack number??)

Scabbard, Left:  S/244. over 1936  (Makers code and Mfg date)

Scabbard, Right:  7853 m  (serial number) 


Condition:  Used.  Grip scales are tight and uncracked.  Show marks and bumps from years of military use and storage.  Press stud moves freely and has good spring tension.


Stock Number:  R739





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