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German M1898/05  (R577)

WWI German M1898/05 "Butcher Blade" Bayonet & Scabbard.


Sword bayonet for use with the 8mm Mauser Gewehr 98 rifle. 


The M1898/05 superceeded the M1898 quillback whos long, slender blade was prone to breakage, and was the most common German bayonet of WWI.  These M1898/05 were often called "Butcher Blade" bayonets due to their resemblance to the butcher's knife of the period. 


This is a second pattern example of the M1898/05 known as the M1898/05 n/A (neuer Art = Newer Model).  It is readily identifiable with the flashguard over the grip scales and the lack of the muzzle ears found on earlier models. 


Makers mark on the left ricasso (DEUTSCHE MACHINFABRIK A.G. DUISBURG) and the blade spine is marked with the acceptance date of 1916 and the Royal Cypher of Kaiser Wilhelm II.  The grip scales are tight and free from cracks and major damage.  Press stud moves freely and has good spring tension.


Scabbard is a later steel scabbard with no makers markings present.  It is not serialized.  Minor bumps in the metal and a nice aged patina.


Overall this bayonet is in good original condition and shows marks consistient with military use.  Its a nice example and would display well in any bayonet collection.



Stock #: R577






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