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German M1898 Ersatz Bayonet  (R671)

German M1898 Ersatz Bayonet & Scabbard


These substitute standard bayonts were produced during WWI by a wide variety of small companies in Germany to equip the Imperial Army with bayonets when the standard M1898 bayonets were in short supply.  This resulted in a large variety of variants from the different manufacturers that were all manufactured to the same basic "standard" of a  12-inch blade.


When production of the standard M1898 bayonets was sufficiently caught up with demand, these Ersatz bayonets were transferred in vast numbers to Turkey who used them throughout WWI and into the 1930's.  In 1935, Turkey adopted a standard 10" bayonet for their service rifles and embarked on a large project to modify thousands of longer bayonets in current inventory to the new M1935 standard. 


This example is a Carter EB47 that has been modified by the Turks to the shortened M1935 configuration.  Barrel ears remain so it will mount to both the M1895 and M1898 type rifles.  Crosspiece is slightly loose, but retained well.   This is not uncommon on these bayonets with the pressed steel grips. 



Ricasso, Left:  None

Ricasso, Right:  None

Spine:  None

Crosspiece, Right:  11 (looks like partial serial)

Crosspiece, Left: 146  (does not look like original mfg marking, probably Turk applied)

Pommel, Left:  None

Pommel, Rear:  None

Scabbard, Left:  None

Scabbard, Right:  None


Condition:  Used.  Metal patinaed and some scaling.  Show marks and bumps from years of military use and storage.  Press stud moves freely and has good spring tension.


Stock Number:  R671





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