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German M1898 Ersatz  (R675)

German WWI M1898 Ersatz bayonet.


These substitute standard bayonets were produced by a wide variety of small companies in Germany to equip the Imperial Army with bayonets when the standard M1898 bayonets were in short supply.  When production of the standard M1898 was sufficiently caught up with demand, these Ersatz bayonets were transferred in vast numbers to Turkey.  In 1935, Turkey adopted a standard  10" bayonet for their Mausers and they embarked on a large project to modify thousands of longer bayonets that were in their inventory to the new M1935 standard. 


This example is a Carter EB7 that has been modified by the Turks to the shortened M1935 configuration and clipped the barrel ears so it fits the M1898 rifles only.


Serviceable condition.  Blade and components are tight and the press stud moves freely with good spring tension. 


REF number R675





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