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Pakistani G3A4 Bayonet  (R521)

Pakistani G3A4 Bayonet


In 1967 Pakistan entered into licened production of the West German G3 rifle.  This was done at POF (Pakistan Ordnance Factory) and magazines and bayonets were licensed produced as well.


This is a very hard to find first year production G3A4 bayonet.  No scabbard



Ricasso, Left:  None

Ricasso, Right:  POF 67 (horzontal stamped)

Spine:  None

Crosspiece, Left:  845  538 (two different stamps)

Pommel, Left:  None

Pommel, Rear:  None

Scabbard, Left:  None

Scabbard, Right:  None


Condition:  Used.  Metal patinaed.  Bakelite grip tight and uncracked.  Release latch moves freely and has good spring tension.


Stock Number:  R521





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