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Portuguese m/938 Bayonet & Scabbard


Item Description:


Original sword bayonet issued with the m/938 and m/942 sub machine guns that were manufactured for Portugal by Steyr-Solothurn in German-occupied Austria


The m/938 bayonet is a conversion of the earlier Portuguese M1904 bayonets as it was more economical to rework the existing M1904 bayonets rather than purchase new ones from Steyr.  This conversion involved some fairly major surgery which required that the finished bayonet be reblued entirely. 


This example bears serial number 638 on the right side of the pommel.  Blade still has the original Simpson& Co, Suhl makers marking on the right ricasson.  Bayonet still retains quite a bit of its original high luster blued finish that is slightly worn to a pleasing appearance with minimal speckling. 


These m/938 bayonets were used extensively by Portugal and were not replaced until the 1970's which makes them fairly difficult to find today.


Condition:  Used


Stock Number: R505






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