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Turkish M24/34 Bayonet  (R578)

Turkish M24/35 Bayonet


Originally a German M1898 Quillback bayonet that has been cut down to a 10" by the Turks resulting in their M24/35 designation.  This particular example has been further modified to a fighting knife by removing the press stud and latch assy. 



Ricasso, Left:  None

Ricasso, Right:  Imperial Crown over Erfurt  (makers marking)

Spine:  Crown W 99  (Weimar acceptance proof, 1899 production date)

Crosspiece, Left: 2 (inverted) 764  (two different serial stamps)

Crosspiece, Right:  None

Pommel, Left:  Weimar proofmarks (unreadable)

Pommel, Rear:  None

Scabbard, Left:  no scabbard

Scabbard, Right:  no scabbard


Condition:  Used.  Wraparound grip scales are tight and have extensive wear and some damag from years of military use and storage.  No press stud / latch assy


Stock Number:  R578





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