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Yugoslavian M24/48 Bayonet  (R744)

Yugoslavian M24/48 Bayonet & Scabbard


In the late 1940's and 1950's Yugoslavia standardized on the M1948 knife bayonet for their Mauser Model 98, M24/47, and M48 type rifles.


To accomplish this goal, they took the long M1924 bayonets still in storage and cut them down to a 10" blade and shortened or replaced the scabbards.  The resulting short knife bayonets were referred to as the M24/48 to differentiante them from the later new manufacture M1948 bayoents.   


This example is in fair condition and is missing the press stud assy, so it may have been reporposed as a fighting knife as it will not lock onto a rifle without the release assy.



Ricasso, Left:  None

Ricasso, Right:  BT3 Triangle (Military Technical Institute, Kragujevac)

Spine:  None

Crosspiece, Right:  None

Crosspiece, Left: None

Pommel, Left:  1116

Pommel, Rear:  None

Scabbard, Left:  None

Scabbard, Right:  None


Condition:  Used.  Metal patinaed and some scaling.  Show marks and bumps from years of military use and storage. 


Stock Number:  R744





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