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Books & Technical Manuals

Listed alphabetically by title


Please note, we only have single copies of these available



Ammunition Book Complete


US military data book, May 1990 edition


Condition:  Used


Stock Number:  2690



Cartridge Manual: An Illustrated Digest


Covers US, English, and French cartridges in use prior to 1878


Condition:  Used


Stock Number: 2689



Handloader Manual of Cartridge Conversions


John Donnelly, Hardcover, 1056 pages


Condition:  Used


Stock Number: z105



Janes Ammunition Handbook, 1993-94, First Edition w/letter


Hard to find first edition still with the original evaluation invitation letter.


Condition:  Used, VG


Stock Number: 2449



Metallic Cartridges, (Regulation & Experimental)


Reprint of the 1873 edition of the Frankford Arsenal manual.


Condition:  Used


Stock Number:  2688



Small Arms & Ammunition in the US Service


Vintage book written by Berkely R. Lewis.  Published in 1956


Condition:  Used


Stock Number:  2738



USGI Field Manual  FM 34-52  Intelligence Interrogation


May 1987 edition


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  z111 (one available)



US Staff School Manual E105 - Quantative Skills


October 1984


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  z113 (one available)



USGI Technical Manual  TM 8-218  Nuclear Handbook for Medical Service Personnel


Very hard to find in the collector market.


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  z110 (one available)



USGI Technical Manual TM 43-0001-27 - Army Ammunition Data Sheets.  Small Caliber Ammunition


June 1981 edition


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  z106 (one available)



Vietnam Studies:  Logistic Support


Written by LTG Joseph M. Heiser for the US Army.


Condition:  Used


Stock Number:  z112



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