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Argentine Mauser Parts Page

Argentine Mauser M1891 and M1909 Parts

Unless noted, Images are a FILE photo to show the item, but will not be the actual item that ships

Argentine M1909 Muzzle Cover


Original military part.  Various markings noted.  Surplus


Condition:  Used


Stock Number: R603


$4.95 ea

Argentine M1909 Riccheri Adapter


Issued with the M1909 rifles and when pinned to the bayonet lug, the earlier M1891 bayonets would fit on the later M1909 rifles.  Original military part.  Various finishes noted.  Surplus.


It will also allow any M1893/1895 type bayonet to be mounted to a M1898 / 98k type rifle


Condition:  Used


Stock Number: R124


$9.95 ea

Argentine M1891 Sear


Original military part.  Surplus


Condition:  Used


Stock Number: 91-Sear


$8.00 ea

Argentine M1891 Extractor


Original military part.   Surplus


Condition:  Used


Stock Number: R330



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