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British Rifle Parts

Enfield Pattern 1914 (P14) Rifle Parts and accessories
P14 Magazine box, Winchester marked. This is the very rare early version that is next to impossible to find. $85.00 ONE AVAILABLE

P14 Magazine box, W
P14 Bolt Release lever spring, Winchester Marked. The tail on this spring is slightly narrower that the US M1917 part. Somewhat difficult to find part. One available.


P14 Bolt Release Lever Spring
P14 Safety lock holder with screw. Unique to the P14 rifles. Once available


P14 Safety Lock Holder with screw
P14 Ejector, W marked

P14 Ejector

SMLE & No4 Rifle Parts and Accessories

SMLE No1 MkIII rear sight protector nut, used

$4.95 ea

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