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M1 Garand Page

Parts and accessories for the M1 Garand rifle.

M1 Web Sling


Reproduction of the WWII & Korean War classic.  Late features.  These compare exceptionally well next to original examples that were used on the M1, M1903, M1917, M14, M16 rifles as well as some military shotguns. 


Condition:  New


Stock Number:  M1G-Sling


$14.95 ea

M1 Garand Winter Trigger


Original US military winter trigger, unissued condition fresh from original packaging.  Still covered in the original manufacturers preservative.  Fits both early and late trigger guards (See photos)


PLEASE NOTE:  We are selling this as a collectible accessory and do not recommend using this for actual live fire.


Condition:  New


Stock Number:  M1G-WT


$14.95 ea

M1 Garand Nickel Clips

These are brand new 8-rd clips from the final Government contractor to produce these clips.  We’ve sent them out to be plated with electroless nickel.  This makes them very smooth feeding which is an advantage for competition shooters and hunters that use the M1 Garand Rifle.  Additionally these nickel plated clips are far easier to spot on the ground which is a boon to hunters that have in the past hunted in the leaves and twigs for an ejected black parkerized clip


Available in 8-rd, 5-rd, and 2-rd configuration.


The dummy rounds are for display purposes and are not included.

8-rd Nickel Clips, $4.95 ea

5-rd Nickel Clips, $8.95 ea

2-rd Nickel Clips, $8.95 ea



M1 Garand Buttstock Cleaning Kit


Reproduction of the Korean war era issue cleaning kit.  Includes the M10 combination tool, plastic case oiler, grease pot, cleaning rod sections, cleaning rod case, bore brush, and cleaning patch holder.


Condition:  New


Stock Number:  M1G-BSK


$19.95 ea

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