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Firearms Sales Page is constantly securing firearms from private collections, auctions, and estate sales. Bookmark this page and check back often to see what's new at and maybe grab a really nice example for your collection.

Many firearms on this page can be shipped to holders of C&R FFL with some exceptions for residents in restrictive areas. Shipping is additional and is detailed on the ordering information page.

C&R Eligible Handguns on this page can be shipped to holders of C&R FFL only using UPS NDA/2DA at a much higher shipping rate to states that do not restrict direct delivery of C&R Handguns. Please email for details prior to purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: will ship to California on approved firearms to FFL01 holders that participate in the CFLC program. C&R FFL's in California are accepted as the CA Law does not apply to FFL03 holders.


Please keep in mind that we do sell in on-line venues as well as an active retail and gunshow schedule. As a rule of thumb, we try to update the website as items take bids on auction sites or sell directly. We will honor our auction site obligations over local sales once a bid is placed.


Gunbroker is an active venue for us, search for user ID ddr223

In the event that we receive two or more web orders on the same firearm, the timestamp on our server will determine the winning buyer.

PHOTO ALBUMS: Some albums are hosted off-site. Right click the hot links and open as a new tab to view the albums.

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Site is active and being expanded daily