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Spikes / Del-Ton AR-15A2 Rifle

Spikes / Del-Ton AR-15A2 Rifle


M16A2 clone rifle.  Carry Handle A2 upper with a Del-Ton 20" Government Profile barrel and USGI Colt M16A2 take-off handguards.  Lower is a Spikes Tactical with a USGI A2 buttstock.  Perfect with a shooter that wants a clone of a M16A2 type rifle in their collection.  


As expected, this rifle was exceptionally pleasant to test fire with gentle recoil due to the rifle length gas system and rifle buffer.  Tested with Wolf 55gr and USGI M551 Ball.  Zero malfunctions and rifle was cleaned properly.  Zeroed at 25M and is range ready.   Test targets included.


Comes with 30rd MagPul magazine.


FFL Required, Shipping $45


Condition:  Used


Stock Number:  P3-28





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