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Goods for the Good Guys

Welcome to the Goods for the Good Guys program.

Goods for the good guys is a segment of our family business that we support through our business and from generous donations from individuals and businesses.

The owners of launched this program in 2007 with the intention to include a small token of our appreciation with every order that ships to the members of our Armed Services.  While successful, it was not enough and we consulted with our family and restated the program's intended goals.

Once our family got involved, it really took off and the Goods for the Good Guys program as we know it today was formally introduced in 2008.  We began to send care packages to our soldiers stationed overseas.  These items range from Cold Weather items, Food and Snacks, Personal Care Items, and Fun Items to help pass the down time.

We began collecting addresses from friends and family that had active duty deployed family members and the program was off and running.   When a name is added to our mailing list, that service member will receive a no-strings attached care package that can contain all sorts of things depending on what we have available.  We've heard from our deployed soldiers that Girl Scout cookies, Beef Jerky, and books and current magazines are extremely popular.  All that is included with the package is a simple letter explaining what the Goods for the Good Guys program is all about and that they are free to do whatever they wish with the items contained in the package.

If you have a deployed soldier and would like them to receive a care package from us, please contact Kim Robinson as she administers the program. She can be reached at

This is a non-profit segment our our business and is our way to re-invest in our freedom that we enjoy today.

We gladly accept donations of goods or cash to help support this program.

If you would like to help with a donation of merchandise or a cash gift, please contact Kim at and she will provide shipping and mailing information.

Cash donations can also be done via credit card.

Simply replace the $0.00 with your desired donation amount and click the online payment center button.

Companies that sponsor this program through donations will be given recognition on our banner and links page.

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