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Military Surplus Parts & Accy Page

Please note that Ammunition, Bayonets, Firearms, and Magazine & Stripper Clips are listed on their own pages found in the left navigation menu.


These are individual listings with photos of the actual item unless noted.  Arranged alphabetically by country of origin.

Argentine M1909 Riccheri Adapter


Issued with the M1909 rifles and when pinned to the bayonet lug, the earlier M1891 bayonets would fit on the later M1909 rifles.  Original military part.  Various finishes noted.  Surplus.


It will also allow any M1893/1895 type bayonet to be mounted to a M1898 / 98k type rifle


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number: R124


$9.95 ea

British P07 Oiler - HJ&S


Brass oiler issued with the SMLE, ShtLE, No.4, and P.14 Rifles. 

This example is maker-marked H.J.& S.


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number: 2699



Israeli M16 Delta Ring Sling Point


Wrap around webbing secured by velcro to provide a sling point on the Delta Ring.


Condition:  Unissued


Stock Number: 2357



Russian Mosin-Nagant Oiler


Metal oiler issued with the Mosin-Nagant & Tokarev Rifles.


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number: 2056



Swedish Mauser M1896 Oil Bottle


Original military surplus.  Dual chamber (one large/one small) with chained lids.  Some may be bare aluminum while others are painted in the dark forest green color used by the Swedish military.



Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  D100


$9.95 ea

Swedish Mauser M1896 Scabbard Lock


Original military part.  Used to lock the scabbard onto the bayonet during training to prevent injury.  Nice collectible item to add ot your Swedish Mauser.  Surplus


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number: R262



Swiss Stgw-57 Cleaning Kit


Surplus cleaning kit for the Swiss Stgw-57 & K31 rifles.  Works for all .30 / 7.62mm rifles and is probably one of the nicest military surplus cleaning kits available.  Perfect for the collector and the shooter.  I also carry one in my hunting pack for any necessary cleaning in the field. 


Contents included:

1 x Plastic handle cleaning rod handle

4 x Cleaning rod segments

1 x Cleaning rod Jag tip

1 x Chamber brush

2 x Bore brushes
1 x Chamber tool
1 x Grease containers (may be plastic or metal, may not be full)

1 x Inspection mirrior

1 x Roll Pouch, rubberized with tie wrap  (May be different shades of green)


FILE Photos:  These were produced for the Swiss Military for many years from various suppliers, so markings and style of the pieces may vary slightly from the photos.


Condition:  Surplus in Good servicable cond. (Expect signs of military issue and use)


Stock Number:  Surp-PE57-Kit


$18.95 ea

USGI 5.56mm Cleaning Rod T-Handle


Original USGI 5.56mm T-Handle


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number: B103


$2.95 ea

USGI 7.62mm Bore Brush


Unissued 7.62 / .30 Cal bore brush


Condition:  Surplus, unissued


Stock Number: Surp-572


$1.79 ea

USGI Canvas Bucket


Post WWII issue


Condition:  Surplus - new


Stock Number:  z125 (one available)



USGI Cargo / Shoulder Sling


Original USGI Cargo / Shoulder sling.  Excellent item for use as a IDF rigged rifle sling.


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  2663



USGI Desert Combat Boots, size 13.5W


Hard to find size for these Desert boots.  New in original box


Stock Number: 2109

(ONE available)



USGI Helmet Camouflage Band  "Cats Eyes"


This is the elastic band that secures the camouflage cover on the standard USGI Steel Helmet.  This is the 1980's version with the two reflective panels on the rear that helped maintain nighttime formations  and maneuvers.  These panels earned this band the nickname "Cats Eyes"


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  z161 (one available)



USGI Mk.2 Ammunition Box


VWWII era Mk.2 Ammunition Box.  This was used for all sorts of munitons shipment as a uniform size box like this would pallatize well for shipment by rail,air, and ship.  You could find these with boxes of linked machine gun ammunition, bomb fuses, artillery variable time fuses, and in this case,the cardboard inserts show it was used for 40mm anti-aircraft shells.  The plue color indicates it was training ammunition.


These make for excellent water resistant storage boxes with the rubber gasket in the lid.  They are a heavy gauge steel construction and will resist extremely rough handling.  4 latches for the lid and there are two lifting handles on the sides to make them easily to handle.


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number: Z308

(ONE available) 

This is a heavy/Bulky Item - Additional shipping charges apply



USGI M16 Cleaning Kit Case


Original USGI M16 cleaning rod case, new unissued condition


Condition:  Unissued


Stock Number:  B102


$5.95 ea

USGI M60 Bandoleer


Light cotton canvas bag and shoulder strap that would have been shipped with a 100rd box of linked 7.62mm machine gun ammunition


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  z123 (one available)



USGI M256 Carton


Empty carton.  Very hard to find in the collector market


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  z100 (one available)  Non standard shipping rate due to size.



USGI Map Case, Large


This is the large theater size (53 x 38 inches) clear plastic vinyl map case.  Zipper closure.  These fold easily and protect maps from moisture and dirt & grime.  This one is slightly discolored in one corner, but is not marked up on the exterior. 


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  z120 (one available)



USGI Mermite Container with inserts


Very collectible and hard to find item.


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  z101 (one available)  Non standard shipping rate due to size and weight of item.



USGI M1910 Haversack, WWI Issued


Very hard to find in the collector market.


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  z123 (one available)



USGI Pistol Lanyard Cord


New in original package


Condition:  Surplus-New


Stock Number:  z160 (one available)



USGI Vehicle Document Pouch - WWII era


Musty and grimy, but fully servicable.


Condition:  Surplus


Stock Number:  z129 (one available)



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