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Ordering Information Page

Our Shopping cart provider is Cartmanager and they utilize Secure SSL technology and have proven to be a stable platform. If you are interested in purchasing any our our products, please use the cart function. If you run into problems, please drop us an e-mail with what you are looking for and we will send you complete order information with the total cost with shipping & handling charges as well as payment instructions.

questions? eMail us at

Looking for something that you don't see offered, please drop us an e-mail

Shipping & Handling costs:

Rifles  $45.00 (includes tracking and signature delivery confirmation).

Handguns $38.95 (USPS) or $89.00 (UPS-NDA to C&R FFL only) (includes tracking and delivery signature confirmation).

Alaska and Hawaii is $65.00 to $85.00 via USPS Priority Mail

Ammunition: S&H will be calculated based on weight and delivery address ZIP code. No ammunition to AK or HI due to shipping issues.


Accessories S&H Rate Chart

Order TotalS&H Amount
$0 - $4.99$4.95
$5 - $14.99$5.99
$15 - $49.99$8.99
$50 - $74.99$9.99
$75 - $99.99$10.99
$100 - $124.99$12.99
$125 - $199.99$13.99
$200 - $299.99$16.99
$300 - up$19.99
Shipping insurance is optional, but highly recommended. We charge a flat rate of $2.25 for shipping insurance regardless of order value which can be added to your order in the cart function.


We try to ensure that the items listed on this site are available at the time of purchase, but due to the high sales volume and multiple venues, stock-outs do occur occasionally. The collectible nature of our items makes inventory difficult at times. We update the website nightly, but stock-outs will occurr from time to time. We will notify you of any backorders and will honor the pricing at the time of your purchase when shipping backordered items. We reserve the right to make price or descriptions corrections on all items. Any typeographical or cost errors on sold item will either be corrected with customer notification or result in order cancellation.

If you do not have a FFL, you can still purchase firearms through by finding a Federal Firearms dealer in your area and doing what is known as a "transfer". The dealer will send me their FFL copy, you will send the payment for the firearm, and I will ship your purchase to them. You will then need to do whatever is required by law in your area, complete the necessary paperwork, and have the gun transferred to you. Dealers charge a transfer fee for this service that can range from $10 to $95, depending on where you live and who they are. It pays to shop around and phone different FFL holders and ask what their fee is.

We accept dealer FFL copies by mail and FAX (952-808-0993)

We do not export any products due to ITAR restrictions. We do not hold the proper export licenses as required by the commerce department. US Sales only.


Please note that we do not ship hi-capacity rifle or pistol magazines to certain areas. We do not ship ammunition to certain areas. We do not ship certain firearms to certain areas. The list below is our current restrictions list,. This list is subject to change at any time.


Alaska: No Ammunition Sales due to shipping difficulties.

California: Approved C&R Rifles to FFL03 holders. Approved firearms to FFL01 dealers that are on the CFLC database. No Handgun Sales unless on the CA Approved list. No magazines over 10 rounds capacity. No ammunition sales to Los Angeles, all of Orange County, and San Francisco. No Law Enforcement Sales of any item that is not legal for a CA resident to possess

Colorado: No magazines over 15-rds capacity. All firearms must be shipped to FFL01 holders. No Law Enforcement Sales of any item that is not legal for a CO resident to possess.

Connecticut: All sales to FFL 01 holders only. No semi-automatic rifles. No semi-automatic pistols that can accept high capacity magazines. No magazines over 10-rds capacity. No Ammunition Sales. No Law Enforcement Sales of any item that is not legal for a CT resident to possess.

Hawaii: No Magazines over 10 rounds capacity. No ammunition sales due to shipping difficulties. No Law Enforcement Sales of any item that is not legal for a HI resident to possess.

Illinois: No Firearm sales to Chicago and all of Cook County. C&R FFL holders must submit a copy of their Illinois FOID Card. Magazine Restrictions: Chicago (12 rounds), Oak Park (10 rounds), Aurora (15 rounds), and Cook County (10 rounds). No Law Enforcement Sales of any item that is not legal for a IL resident to possess.

Maryland: Handgun Sales restricted on certain models. Check with your local FFL first, if they can transfer it, we will ship it. No magazines over 20 rounds. No Law Enforcement Sales of any item that is not legal for a MD resident to possess.

Massachusetts: No ammunition sales. No magazines over 10 rounds to anyone. No Handguns to anyone. No rifles that accept detachable magazines. MA FID Class A or B license along with FFL03 required on C&R long guns. No Law Enforcement Sales of any item that is not legal for a MA resident to possess.

New Jersey: No Semi-Automatic Rifles. No C&R FFL Sales. No Magazines over 15 rounds. No Ammunition Sales. No sales of firearms that accept detachable magazines. No Law Enforcement Sales of any item that is not legal for a NJ resident to possess.

New York: No Ammunition Sales except to NY Licensed Ammunition resellers. No sales of Semi-Automatic Firearms. No Magazine sales regardless of age or capacity. No Law Enforcement Sales of any item that is not legal for a NY resident to possess.

Washington: No Machine Gun parts or parts kits

Washington DC: No Sales of any products to anyone. No Law Enforcement sales.
We need a statement in the Order Instructions on the last page of checkout indicating that you and the individual that will be signing for the delivery are:

Over the age of 21 and not prohibited from possessing Small Arms Ammunition.

A simple statement on your order checkout or by email with your order number will be sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many rounds have been fired through this gun? Guns don't come with bullet counters...unless we're selling a new in the box gun from our distributor, we're not the original owner and have no idea how many rounds a previous owner fired.

Does the listing include the box, papers, rings, scope, hard case, etc? All our listings will show via photos and contain via text/description everything that is included with the firearm. If you don't see it in the photos or we didn't describe it in our text...we don' t have it and it's not part of the sale.

Do you offer a layaway? We do offer a couple of layaway options.

30-day: 20% down (non-refundable) with payment in full at or before 30 days

60-day: 20% down (non-refundable) with payment in full plus layaway fee (5% of purchase price) at or before 60 days.

Shipping AND Handling? Shipping is expensive...the carriers raise their rates all the time. We have no control over this. Handling also costs us money. We pay for boxes, edge protectors, bubble wrap, peanuts, tape, and a host of other packaging supplies and pay my staff to pack items in a professional fashion that will offer the best protection in transit. Our Shipping AND handling rate is very reasonable and well within the industry standards and is not negotiable. We post the full S&H cost clearly on all our auctions to eliminate any confusion. If the posted S&H rate is not to your liking, please do not bid on the item.

Why do I have to include proof of age? We sell guns, ammunition and sharp objects for a living. This is an online sale...and since we can't see the buyer face to face, we do ask for proof of age on antique firearms, ammunition and certain other items. Most folks simply photocopy their drivers license. Others prefer to send a short SIGNED statement of age with their payment. Either way, this information is filed away with our copy of the invoice. We don't release this information to anyone for any reason. We're simply covering ourselves. If sending proof of age is a hardship for you, please don't bid on the item.

How do I know you're not a scam? Believe it or not we get this one from time to time. Please take a moment to review our feedback ratings. It tells the world what our previous buyers think of our handling of the transaction and how much they liked or didn't like the item they purchased. We have thousands of positive feedbacks on multiple venues that we have worked hard to earn. We should not need to talk on the phone to assure you we're real.

I bought an item from you and I'm not happy with it...what do I do? Please let us know you're not happy (we don't need or require a reason) and send it back to us in the same condition we shipped it to you. That's not fired, disassembled or parts replaced...same condition as it was shipped to you. Once received and verified in the same condition we shipped it to you, we'll issue you a refund of your PURCHASE PRICE less shipping charges and any sales related fees that have been incurred. We do not refund shipping because you don't like the item, spent too much on it, have buyer's remorse, your wife/girlfriend told you to return it or you just lost your job or had an unexpected bill come your way...HOWEVER...please see exception below.

EXCEPTION to refund of shipping: Truth be told, I'm human. I make mistakes just like everyone else. If you buy something from us and we've made a gross error in the description or we send you the wrong item, I WILL refund your shipping as well as your full purchase price. It doesn't happen often, but my policy has always been I won't have a customer out money because of my mistake.

Why won't you contact my local FFL holder? If you purchase a firearm from me, you'll need to go to your local gunshop and ask them to fax, email or snail mail us a LEGIBLE and VALID copy of their FFL. Once we've received that copy AND your payment, we'll ship the firearm ALONG WITH A COPY OF OUR LICENSE for your dealer to log into their FFL bound book. It is your responsibility to contact your local shop. We will NOT send them a copy of our FFL first to "prove we exist" or placate them. If your local shop refuses to send an FFL for an online transfer you'll need to find a local shop that does.

Why can't I pick it up in person?  We are an online business and we do not operate a store front. Because of this, all purchases must be shipped to you directly or your transfer FFL, whichever is applicable. I do realize that this is a pain for local customers, but we are just not set up for local pick-up transactions and I thank you for your understanding.

Important Safety Notices regarding purchased from PLEASE READ COMPLETELY before purchasing
SAFETY NOTICE Please read completely

Thank you for visiting our website

We thank you for your interest in our offerings and welcome your business.

HOWEVER, we must stress that improper handling of these products could result in serious injury. ALL firearms are dangerous when handled improperly!! Please respect that firearms are inanimate objects and like power tools or automobiles, they can be mishandled. Please use common sense and handle these weapons with respect.

Always assume that any gun is loaded and don’t point, aim, or direct it at anything that you do not intend to shoot, even when the safety is on. Don’t drop loaded weapons. Always point downrange when loaded. ALWAYS keep the muzzle of the weapon in a safe direction. The safety should be left on in the safe position and your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to shoot. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN PROPERTY DAMAGE, SERIOUS INJURY AND/OR DEATH.

ALL firearms purchased from us or any other distributor should be visually inspected and cleaned before firing; this is common sense. ALL used & surplus firearms should be inspected by a qualified gunsmith prior to shooting as RCArms, LLC has no testing facility and assumes NO liability for safe functioning of new or surplus weapons or ammunition. Firearms are mechanical objects that are subject to wear and breakage with use. It is the SHOOTER’s responsibility to ensure that the weapon is clean and in safe operating condition PRIOR to loading or shooting. Always check the barrel for obstructions. Never assume that the safety will function as expected. Any questions should be resolved by a qualified gunsmith.

We specifically disclaim any responsibility for damage or injury whatsoever, incurring as a result of the use of faulty, non-standard, or remanufactured ammunition; any modifications or changes made to the weapon, improper use or unsafe handling of the weapon. FIREARMS SAFETY IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SHOOTER.

PLEASE NOTE: Handguns and long guns are classified as FIREARMS or DANGEROUS WEAPONS. Guns are surrendered by with the express understanding that it assumes no responsibility for resale handling under local laws and regulations. Under no circumstances shall or it's parent company be responsible for incidental or consequental damages with respect to economic loss or injury to property, whether as a result of express or implied warranty, negligence or otherwise.


Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause serious health problems including birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure. All ammunition and used & surplus firearms are sold in “AS-IS” condition. We try to ensure that our listings are accurate in description and condition. We assume NO liability for correct function or any problems arising from ammunition use. It is the shooter’s responsibility to ensure that ammunition is used in the correct caliber firearm. All surplus ammunition should be carefully checked before use.

All ammunition sold by RCArms, LLC has been sourced through vendors as newly manufactured ammunition (Commercial and Military sources). We do not sell reloaded or remanufactured ammunition. All ammunition is clearly marked as to the proper caliber. Always check to ensure that the ammunition shipped is correct for your weapon and that there are no loose projectiles or deformed primers.

For safety and liability reasons, there are no returns allowed on firearms or ammunition. All sales are final. All warranty issues to be handled between the manufacturer and the customer where applicable.


SAFETY WARNING: These cartridges are designed to be used in properly functioning firearms in good condition. Keep the barrel free of any obstruction. Be sure firearm is designed for this particular cartridge. Reloading of spent cartridge cases/shells can cause serious injury. Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Ensure adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure. Before loading, check for obstructions and excess lubrication in barrels. Wear proper hearing protection to prevent hearing damage from exposure to repeated gunfire. Wear shooting glasses to prevent possible eye injury. If firearm fails to fire, point muzzle in a safe direction and avoid direct exposure to the breech while carefully unloading. We make no warranties expressed or implied. Store in a cool, safe, and dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

If you have ANY questions regarding our products, please call or e-mail us before initial use.

Verifying FFL licenses. Crucial information for quickly verifying if a Dealers FFL is valid. We use this on every firearm that is shipped to a FFL 01.
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